Important Stages of Twin Flame Connection

by admin on August 10, 2013

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Important Stages of Twin Flame Connection


I’ve decided to write some blogs about “Understanding the Twin Flame connection” as this sacred gift gets too much confused with a common “Romantic relationship” ending a lot of you in way different situations and decisions. So I thought sharing my own experiences about Twin Flame connection could give some answers and would be a great pleasure from my part to help you going through this. What I was been reading a lot lately was how difficult it is to “Move on” or  to “Let go” of your Twin Flame. Trying to “Move on” is another option which is typical if you break up in a “common Romantic relationship”. By then you had already figured out some facts, accepted that the romance couldn’t continue and finally put an end to the relationship no matter what happens. In this case your heart, mind and soul are in the same line. So after a while you “get over it” and continue your life in a normal flow.  Now this is a different matter when it comes to Twin Flame relationships. Granted, romance can make part of the Twin Flame love but Twin Flame love doesn’t depend on the Romance. Twin Flames are meant to let each other evolve towards their sacred unconditional love and this evolutions begins at the very first moment of your seclusion.


***The Impact:
Before the “Seclusion” you probably went through the “Twin Flame Symptoms and Dance” where you both got thrown from left to right, trying to overcome issues and difficulties but finally ended up into the “Impact”.  At this stage, one Twin becomes the “Runner” and the other one is the “Chaser”. The Runner cuts the contact and the communication because of “the fear for the connection” and the “Chaser” Twin feels hurt, devastated and “left behind”. I personally am the Chaser Twin and there is only one thing I can tell about the “Impact”, It shall affect you more than anything in your life. It will shake and hurt you in the deepest depths of your being but what I can also tell is that your Twin Flame (Runner Twin) will be hurt and devastated as well and even more because finally, The Runner Twin shares the same, feelings, emotions and connection as you and refusing this connection is the most hurtful thing that one can do. It’s like trying to cut a finger with a rusty knife.

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***The Denial:
Right after “The Impact” comes the “The Denial”. In this stage, both Twins will deny everything in every sense. This is normal as you both are looking for reasons to ease your pain. It’s also a very chaotic stage as there is too much emotions involved and the first thing both Twins will look for is to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. Both Twins will try to convince them selves of so many reasons for not been with their Twin or why their Twin are not suitable for them. It’s actually playing tricks to the mind to make you accept the pain and one alternative will be trying “to move on” or “to get over” it. In this stage, my own Twin had declared “to be found of another person” meanwhile she also told to a common friend of ours that I shall always have a “special” place in it’s heart. As my Twin had cut physical communication and I was not evolved enough towards our connection, I couldn’t understand what was going on. I kept feeling this persons presence deep down and couldn’t figure out how one can begin another relationship, while telling that I still have a “special” place in it’s heart. My Twin had to convinced itself of so many wrong facts under influence of circumstances and issues. So I as Chaser kept denying the fact my Twin’s actions as I kept feeling “way” different of what was actually happening. There was another truth behind all this and I had to seek for it. The pain I was suffering could only be eased when I found out what exactly went on within my Twin. Why I kept loving my Twin and who was my Twin because even been connected in soul level, we didn’t know each other enough in physical level.

How more I begun to evolve myself towards our connection I’ve discovered my Twins fear to trust, emotional pain and most of all it’s fear to show how vulnerable she is.

This way I ended up into a new stage… “The Evolution”!

I will give a full explanation about this stage in one of my following blogs about “Understanding the Twin Flame signs connection”.

Finally I would like to thank all who are been so supportive and kind by following me, by sending me comments and messages. Please do feel free to contact me if you want to! As being through this I know how hard this can be and I’m always here to listen!

May you all be blessed with love, happiness and joy!

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