Twin Flame Signs And Separation

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Twin Flame Signs And Separation


What are the signs of the Twin Flame or Soul Mate signs and connections? When you’ve met the person you believe to be The One, there are consistent indications that have been reported by people world-wide.


Relationships of Reflection

A Soul Mate and your Twin Soul are capable only of reflecting back to you as much of the Twin Flame Essence as you are embodying yourself.

Imagine that your Twin Soul is a bowl of clear water. As one is magnetically attracted to you in the most intimate relationship, they agree on a soul level to hold up a mirror for you. The reflection would then be like dropping red food coloring into the clear water. The fundamental element of the water remains the same, but it now has a new color, a new aspect for you to view. The Twin Flame Essence you are embodying can reflect in its complementary form through another. Remember, this is an energetic (spirit) essence and it doesn’t wear skin and bones! It can overshadow the one before you.


Signs of the Twin Flame or Twin Soul

How do you recognize it in another?

That’s a no-brainer. Can you recognize yourself? Even though they are God as you reflecting your complementary energetic form, they are still you! Over the years I have interviewed countless people who claim to have met their beloved. As they described their relationship I discovered common denominators reported again and again.


What follows are some signs that have been frequently expressed:

• Even in your initial encounter, you instantly recognize each other and have a feeling you’ve known one another forever.
• The heart beat quickens in their presence.
• Rarely does the relationship require the usual time to get to know one another. It initiates with intensity and immediacy.
• You see yourself in their eyes; in the reflection of what they mirror back to you (not just parts of you — all of what you are.)
• There is an electrifying feeling of orgasmic energy that sometimes begins in the groins but always ends up in the heart chakra.
• You find you desire no separation and you’ll usually work together for a common goal even if your work is only complementary in nature. There is no competition between you.
• You are sovereign beings. There is no co-dependence. This involves a freedom you’ve rarely experienced in your incarnations; freedom without the need to own or control another human being.
• The telepathic connection is quite strong, often causing you to finish each other’s thoughts or sentences
• You are in a constant state of giving love with no thought for what will be returned. Ego steps aside and quits asking “What’s in it for me?” very early in the game. The energy of love grows swiftly and becomes so magnified between you it’s as if there is a constant flow of orgasmic energy felt at every chakra.
• You feel a deep sense of unity you’ve never known before, (Unity — not uniformity.)
• There’s a great awareness of joint purpose that usually involves service to humanity on a large scale.
• Even though you most likely haven’t fully developed your soul on all levels, any limitations are accepted and loved automatically.
• You’ll often find yourselves experiencing an ongoing NOW that exists outside of time and space.
• There will be a deeper, natural understanding of the sacred union of physical sexuality and you quickly learn to control and utilize the sexual energy for higher purposes.
• If any karma exists between you from relating to each other during your various incarnations, it will swiftly surface to be dissolved and consumed.
• All possible obstructions to love will rise to the surface in an exaggerated and magnified manner, forcing you to break all barriers to love.

These reported signs of the Twin Flame are not all-inclusive. It would be helpful for you to read my articles, What are Twin Flame signs? What is a Twin Soul? and What is a Soulmate? before you attempt to identify them. These are holy relationships and if viewed through the lens of ego, you could easily be thrown way off track.


twin flame separation


What happens in the twin soul process and why are many sets of twin souls separated?

When people first realize that they are being separated from their twin souls and it all seems out of their hands to control, many will find themselves in a state of panic and desperation. Being separated from the twin soul, feels like a deep loss of yourself. This loss is excruciatingly painful and at times a soul half, feeling the loss of the twin soul, can find it hard to know what to do with these feelings. Sooner or later you will begin to feel that you must ”surrender” yourself to the spiritual and very emotional process that starts to take place at the inner levels. You realize that exactly when it comes to the twin soul process, you don’t seem to be able to be in control. You cannot control when and how to reunite with your twin soul.

This means that the entire twin soul journey begins both with feeling the ONENESS with the twin and from there feeling the loss of the twin and feeling the loss of oneself and the ”person” one used be with the twin, before there was any of separation at the dawn of times. I feel that when you have felt the union and ONENESS with your twin, you also feel and have an unconscious memory of how you used to be before you experienced the separation and split from your twin soul in the beginning of human history. No matter how the journey is of each twin soul couple on earth, each of them will after the merging, be ”forced” deeply to FACE THEIR INDIVIDUAL SELVES. Sometimes a set of twin souls are not ready to be together if the mirroring is too intense. It can be too intense if each of them haven’t faced their individual selves. You need to be able to SEE and ACCEPT everything about yourself, the way you are, the good and bad things in your personality in order to be able to handle the reflection of your very own twin soul.


Facing The Self

You cannot get to your twin in anyway if you don’t face yourself. You must face all issues in yourself in every way and individually. You cannot get to your twin soul if you feel something is missing inside of yourself.


What does it mean to face the Self?

Many people who have been united with their twins and experience some sort of separation whether it is an actual physical separation or an emotional one, will very often feel that if only they could be with their twin souls in some kind of relationship, the deed would be done. This is also the reason why many female halves try to take control directly when it comes to their male halves. In desperation many female halves try to reach out for their male halves in one way or the other. Often the female halves therefore try to control the twin soul relationship by actively trying to make the male halves move towards them. Often the female twin souls long for an emotional ”feedback” from their male halves and for this reason female twin souls tend to take emotional lead when it comes to their male counterparts. All this is done out of desperation for the other half.


In reality at the level of Self, this will never work out.

The reason for this is that each of the halves are forced to face their individual selves and the female halves are ”forced” to not to actively reach out for their male halves, but to reach inwards for their inner Selves. The male halves must also face themselves individually from their women. They must do their own work, in their own time frame and way. This can be very hard for the female twins to realize and to accept. The facing of the Self has to do with balance. You are not balanced if in desperation you want your other half more than you want yourself, so that you don’t really care about yourself. This is often the situation for many female halves. They will find themselves in this imbalanced state of being until they realize that now is enough, I must get back to Myself now, take care of Myself and honor myself as a soul half. Many female halves are very empathic with their male halves and this can very often lead to the female halves wanting to be there for their men in every way.


For the male halves the situation could be that they are so not used to feeling their feelings, so they depend on their female halves to feel for them.

Again this is an imbalanced state of being for the male halves, they must feel on their own. They must be in their feelings and take the risk of feeling vulnerable emotionally. Unconsciously many set of twin souls, therefore separate, so that they can start facing the Self fully. Without knowing it and despite the deep pain of being separated, many sets of twin souls have chosen at the level of their soul to separate for some time, perhaps years, so that they can start facing themselves. Some twin souls do not separate in the same dramatic way that other twin souls separate, they stay in touch, deeply connected and for them it can be a harder journey to face the individual selves, because when you are presented with your very own twin soul, you see so much a part of yourself, so you can be confused about what is really your Self. It is easier to face the Self when there is a complete physical separation. For this reason many sets of twin souls are today separated, because the actual physical separation forces each of them to FEEL their individual Selves.


Sometimes twin souls are in relationships or married to other partners and they can nevertheless meet and merge on earth in sexual and spiritual union, very often the physical union with the twin forces the twin souls to take a look at the actual relationship they are in.

It can be very hard to stay committed to a (marriage) partner when a person has been with his/her twin soul, because at the level of the Self even in another relationship, the loss of the twin will be felt. This means that when you are with another partner and think of your twin, you will feel alone in this relationship. Eventually you will also feel that you cannot be true to that partner or yourself, because the longing for the twin soul and being true to ones inner self can be too intense. You will suddenly feel that you live a double life. A life where you are with that partner, but you will not feel that he/she sees your true self and a life where you long to be true to yourself and to live an authentic life perhaps with your twin soul or just with yourself. When you deeply start facing the Self, you will often find it necessary to be in ”isolation”. It seems necessary to be in this isolation, because you must feel very deeply what is you, so that you are not distracted by other people, situations or circumstances of life. I believe that the hardest mission any sets of twin souls can face on earth, is the mission of facing the Self.


With the merging and union with the twin soul, you get to feel your Self again, you become conscious again and you start asking yourself questions and you also feel that there are things in life that you don’t want to put yourself up with anymore.

You cannot anymore just watch your life from the outside , you need to take part in it. Some people will claim that when it comes to the twin soul process, it all happens spiritually beyond ones own control, the truth is that the twin soul process is really such a deeply personal process, so that it forces you to be 100% present in your own life. You must face your life, yourself here and now. You must be a soul fully alive in your physical body. You might not be able to control the overall process that has to do with your twin soul, but you can control yourself. When you feel that there has been a loss, not of just the loss of your twin soul, but also the individual loss of yourself, you will feel feelings that are not spiritual at all. It can be intense feelings of anger, hurt, unconditional love for the twin, and pain of separation. I think it is very important that you feel these feelings in you, otherwise there will be no connection to your twin soul. You cannot get to your twin soul during time of separation if you do not feel how deeply you at times have felt the loss of your own Self and the loss of your twin soul. The only way to the twin is therefore through your Self.


You must feel all feelings to be grounded, otherwise you will never really be present here in your physical life.

We have chosen to be in our physical existence to feel. When you face your self you will at the same time feel the pull from the identical energies of your twin soul. You will feel that you can only get back to your twin soul, when you are being your true and honest Self and face all the deepest feelings and wounds within yourself. Twin souls couples never completely face the same issues, yet it seems that all people who bond with their twins sooner or later must face themselves individually.

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